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    • Osem inaugurate a new Bamba factory at its industrial zone in Kiryat Gat, investing NIS 200 million.

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    • Press release: Respberry Vitaminchik


    • Sabra Salads continues to innovate: Twist & Scoop Hummus – scoopilicious! The spiral composition of the Twist & Scoop Hummus series ensures that you enjoy a piece of topping in every bite! No more quarreling over who gets the topping

    • We introduce Tahini-Hummus – a series of hummus salads that contain 40% raw tahini, with a unique flavor and a rich creamy texture >>

    • Sauce Base for the creation of a variety of sauces, developed by Omer Miller – A Sauce Base that with the addition of only a few simple ingredients can be transformed into a variety of cooking sauces

    • Sabra Salads and Chef Avi Levy introduce street food into your home, launching a new series of chilled salads that is based on Israel’s favorite street foods: Sabich Salad of fried eggplant, hardboiled egg and tahini, Hummus Salad with Fried Falafel Morsels and Fricassee Salad of tuna, tomatoes, potato, harissa sauce and pickled lemon.

    • Osem presents a new and exiting addition to the Bamba family: Bamba Bomba – Giant Bamba with heaps of peanut butter. The unique and loved texture of crunchiness that melts in your mouth combined with the delicate peanut butter flavor in an amplified giant version!

    • Pro Plan Dental Plus cat food – Helps protect and maintain the health of your cat’s teeth and gums, due to its unique texture that emulates the brushing of teeth.

    • Fiber 1 – The series is now available in a new package, with new recipes and containing the diabetic-friendly sucralose. As a significant upgrade, the product can now be used in baking.

  • The joy of food

    Our vision in Osem has always been to grant each and every one of you a little something beyond food, a nutritional experience of high quality, rich taste and diversity and to address your overall nutritional needs. We invite you to discover our wide range of products that is part of every household in Israel.

  • Tasty treats

    What foods should we eat and how do we create a diet that is healthy and well- balanced but still allows us to enjoy taste and variety; everything you need to know about healthy and smart eating.

  • The Human Resource

    Thousands of employees who joined Osem Group over the years, have discovered a professional home and enjoyed personal development, promotion opportunities in Israel and overseas, occupational stability and various other benefits. If you too would like to become part of a high-quality and special group, you are welcome to join us and grow at the Osem home.

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  • Big happy family

    Osem Group houses under one roof a wide range of Israeli and global leading brands. We invite you to visit the “Sites of the Group” page and discover an exciting world of content and taste.