The Materna Company was founded in 1981 as a subsidiary of Ma'abarot Products Ltd., owned by Kibbutz Ma'abarot.

In 1993, Ma'abarot Products made its initial public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and it is currently a public company.

In 2010, the company sold 51% of its shares to Osem-Nestle, and it is now known as Materna Industries.

Its affiliation with Nestle, the world’s leading baby-food manufacturer, will enable Materna to strengthen its foothold in the market, and offer an advanced variety of products based on Nestle’s vast knowledge and experience.


Our Products

Since its inception, Materna has been the leading company in Israel’s baby-food market, boasting the largest variety of products in the industry. Among its wide range of products Materna offers milk substitutes with the highest standards of kashrut, cereals, baby biscuits, baby pastas, enriched flavored milk beverages for children over 2.5, and more.


The company employs 120 workers including personnel in the fields of development, production and packaging, marketing, medical propaganda, and customer service. The company is situated in the Emek Hefer region.


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Quality and Control

Materna is the only company that manufactures its products in Israel with direct and ongoing supervision that extends throughout the whole production process: beginning with the raw materials and all the way through the production process to the final product. Materna consistently satisfies the ongoing inspections of five external laboratories, as well as the world’s strictest standards for food quality systems (HAccP, GMP). All Materna formulas meet international standards (EEC, CODEX).


Materna’s products originate in sophisticated technological laboratories, manned by a skilled team of scientists, food engineers, chemists, biologists and dieticians who work in collaboration with other development centers in Israel and abroad. Our goal is to continue providing our consumers with the most innovative and advanced products in the field of baby food.

Production and Packaging

In its 25 years of experience in the field of production and packaging, Materna has accumulated extensive knowledge. Our professionals are close at hand throughout all the stages of production, and the laboratory’s scrupulous quality control ensures the products’ superior quality. The factory meets the ISO 9001 standard as well as the good manufacturing practice (GMP) standard, and is among the world’s leading companies.

Medical Propaganda

Materna, Israel’s leading baby food company, has honed its expertise in the field through years of research and experience, feeding over 2,000,000 babies in Israel.

Materna’s medical representatives team is in constant contact with pediatricians and baby clinics throughout the country. Materna provides Israel’s child healthcare personnel with information on various issues pertaining to baby nutrition, presents scientific studies performed in Israel and worldwide, and keeps the public updated on its products – all the while emphasizing the advantages of breastfeeding as the optimal form of  nourishment for babies.

The medical personnel’s relationship with Materna keeps them up-to-date on the ins and outs of our products, and thus better equipped to respond to parental queries regarding the optimal form of baby nourishment.


Materna is committed to servicing its customers not only through its advanced products, but also through professional and personal consultancy services. Materna’s telephone service center is manned by Materna’s nutritional consultants, knowledgeable in a wide range of issues. These consultants respond to queries on the topics of nutrition and child development, and even offer nursing consultancy services.


Materna exports a variety of alternatives and cereals with high-standard kashrut to many countries including the US, Canada, France, England and Belgium. 


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