Sabra Salads

For the Love of Salad

Sabra Salads was founded in 1982 by the Yanko family – a pioneering family in Israel’s salad industry. In 1997, Osem-Nestle’s purchased 51% of Sabra Salad’s shares through the Tivall Company.

In 2000, Osem-Nestle purchased the company’s remaining shares and set itself a challenging goal: to become the leading company in the salad industry.

Sabra Salads’ new administration introduced into the company Osem-Nestle’s international standards in all areas, including production processes, product quality assurance, product development, and company management. Nonetheless, Osem managed to retain the company’s family spirit, and its unique focus and specialization in salads. The new administration also formed the company’s vision: to provide consumers with the ultimate experience – a real taste of authentic hummus, dips and salad. 


Our Milestones of Success

Throughout the years, Sabra’s vision drove it to work ceaselessly to discover and develop authentic hummus and salads.

Hummus with toppings – In 2000, Sabra launches a new category, “hummus with toppings” (pine nuts, chickpeas, za’atar etc.) previously served only in restaurants.


The king of hummus – In 2003, Sabra develops a new line of authentic hummus like in hummus restaurants, known as “the King of Hummus.” In its earnest attempt to glean the secrets of the flavor and preparation of real hummus, a team comprised of marketing personnel and technologists made its rounds through the country, visiting 35 authentic hummus restaurants. The challenge was to create a product of the taste and quality of authentic hummus, but with a 30 days shelf life. Following a long development process, we finally launched our new line of winning hummus, superior in its flavor and texture.


Jordanian Nihad– In 2007, Sabra ventures as far as Jordan in its quest for authentic, quality hummus, and introduces the Jordanian Nihad’s hummus to the Israeli market. In fact, Sabra set up a hummus restaurant for Nihad in Israel.

While in Jordan, Sabra’s team went from one hummus shop to the next tasting each variety of hummus, until it found one that stood out in its exemplary flavor. This they discovered in the shop owned by Nihad Alhan, located on the market of the old city in the Jordanian capital.


The Chef’s Salads – In 2009, Sabra launches a new line of salads known as the Chef’s Salads. A comprehensive marketing move featuring chef Rafi Cohen. This new line of salads is the product of a winning strategy that uses traditional recipes, ingredients of the highest quality such as baladi (local) eggplant, and old-fashion production methods. Sabra Salads’ collaboration with Rafi Cohen gives rise to authentic, quality products that bring the flavors of the restaurant into every Israeli home. 

Worldwide Success   

Sabra’s success carried far beyond the Israeli borders, and even got the Europeans to forgo the inviolable fork and knife in favor of just wiping hummus off their plates with pita bread. Initially, sales boomed primarily in England’s Jewish market, but Sabra Salads – marketed under the Sabra lable – can currently be found in Belgium’s leading supermarket chain Delhaize, the Albert Heijn supermarket chain in Holland, the Auchan, Carrefour and Monoprix supermarket chains in France, and in England’s leading supermarket chains Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Safeway. Sabra Salads views export as a strategic long-term measure that will realize the potential of the vast market for Sabra products abroad. 

As the leading salad company on the market, Sabra Salads has undertaken the mission of expanding the market and providing consumers with innovative new products.

Over the years, Sabra Salads’ continued growth led to the establishment of a new factory in Kiryat Gat – a NIS 100 million investment. The factory was planned by technical teams employed by Sabra Salads, Osem, and Nestle, and set new standards for all of Israel’s food factories. The factory was erected in Kiryat Gat in response to the government’s call to help boost employment in the area.

Our Secret Ingredients

Four primary factors account for the special taste unique to Sabra’s hummus and salads:

  • Over 30 years of expertise in making Hummus and salads, while developing technological processes and dedicated equipment, which allow us to produce Hummus and salads with flavor and texture that resemble those of authentic restaurants.
  • Our ongoing investment in product development.
  • Our intimate familiarity with the consumer community and its preferences, gained through our ongoing dialogue with it.
  • Our investment in human resources.
    These qualities, together with the Sabra family’s passion for its work, are what lie at the heart of our superior hummus and salads. Our rule of thumb: either do it with a love, or don’t do it at all.


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