The Sderot Factory


The Osem factory in Sderot was founded by the Froumine Company in 1979 in the city’s northern industrial area, for the production of pasta and wafers. In 1981, Osem purchased the factory and proceeded to expand its activities.


Most of the factory workers are local residents, in keeping with Osem’s ambition to help boost employment in the peripheries.


The Osem factory in Sderot is the southernmost branch in the company’s nationwide production facilities . What began in the early 1980’s as a pasta plant, burgeoned into a versatile cutting-edge factory.

The Evolution of the Sderot Factory

1986 The factory’s soup production and packaging division is established.


1989 The first Bissli production line is introduced into the factory.


1995 The oil refinery is established.


2000 An advanced production line is introduced into the factory for the manufacture of quality chips marketed as “Chipsy.”


2002 The production lines from the Bnei Brak factory, the parent company now closed down, are transferred to the Sderot factory. In this same year, a Nestle worldwide research and development center for snacks is established on the Sderot factory site.


2005 Aproduction line is established for the manufacture of snacks in extrusion technology.


2008 The department for wet culinary products is established, incorporating the products and some of the production lines from the sauce factory in Petach Tikva, which was closed down.


The Osem factory in Sderot has three main divisions:


The snack division -producing salty snacks, including: Bissli, Dubonim, Apropo and Chipsi. The factory produces a total of 170 finished products.


The dry culinary division- producing Israeli couscous, soup nuts, and various soups including seasoning soups, instant soups, gourmet soups and meat soups, as well as dehydrated instant meals, dry sauces, self-rising flour, Nesquick Choco, whipped creams, puddings and jello.


The culinary division -producing ketchup, Chinese soy sauce, Thousand Island dressing, mustard, and a wide range of dressings in economic, institutional and individual sized packages.


At the Sderot factory we maintain the highest production standards, and are meticulous about the factory’s well-kept appearance. For the past 25 years, the Sderot factory has consistently been rated five stars – the highest possible rating – in the context of the “Beautiful Israel” competition.


Our sense of social responsibility is a primary value at the factory in Sderot. Apart from the relationship we maintain with the local community and the contributions we make to it, the Sderot factory collaborates with the rehabilitation factory in Be’er Sheva run by the Yachad foundation.