Nestle Ice Cream

Our Success Story

Nestle Ice Cream’s success story began in 1996 when Nestle and Osem purchased 50% of the Snowcrest and Tene Noga Ice Cream companies previously owned by Tnuva, signifying the beginning of a new era for Israel’s ice cream market.

The Beginning

Initially, the icy treats were still produced in the old factories – Snowcrest in Petach Tikva and Tene Noga in Kiryat Malachi. Three years later, a large new factory was built in Kiryat Malachi to supplant the two old ones.
Nestle Ice Cream is currently fully owned by the Osem company, with the brand names La Cremeria, Extreme and Cookielida spearheading the company’s ice cream sales.
To enjoy your ice cream to the fullest, it is best to eat it slowly, one lick at a time. But Israel’s market for ice cream and ice cream bars is extremely fast-paced, dynamic and competitive, with innovations regularly introduced. That’s why here at Nestle Ice Cream we work ceaselessly to launch new features, new flavors and new textures that meet Nestle’s international ice cream standard – ensuring the quality of our products.


Sheer Joy

Our priority, here at Nestle, is for Israelis to find true joy in their ice cream. This is why we create flavors custom-suited to the Israeli pallet, alongside international brands which we manufacture in our factories worldwide. La Cremeria and Extreme are the leading brands in this category. 

Our Ice Cream

Now let’s take a moment to organize our freezers. Nestle offers three forms of ice creams for private consumption: single serving pack boxes; ice cream family packs, and premium ice creams.

Single serving pack box – we offer a particularly wide and sweet variety of exhilarating flavors in this form: Extreme – chocolate-vanilla flavored with nuts, cookies and other delightful surprises; Mini Nokout – in various flavors; Crunch Mini – in vanilla; Family box – a box of individual Cookielida servings; Extreme – in chocolate-vanilla and crunch chocolate nougat; single serving pack boxes of Watermelon sorbet pops; Vitaminchick; Hamshushim; Biscolida Big; traffic light pops; lemon and pineapple flavored pops; chocolate-banana, strawberry, pineapple yogurt, mango and passion fruit Prili yogurt bars; as well as low-fat Prili yogurt bars in chocolate, Dulce de Leche, lemon and cherry flavors among others. Nestle recently launched its new series of Prili health yogurts – a product combining yogurt with 30% strawberry or pineapple fruit. Prili also offers passion fruit, strawberry, and mango flavored yogurt.


Family packs – This ice cream form is the standard bearer of Nestle Ice Cream in Israel. One brand stands out in particular, lighting up people’s faces in hundreds of thousands of homes across Israel on a daily basis – La Cremeria.
The classic La Cremeria brand boasts innumerable flavors of ice cream: strawberry n’ cream, low-fat chocolate-vanilla, Italian vanilla, mocha pistachio, Dulce de Leche, chocolate-vanilla flick, Belgian chocolate, and vanilla Cookielida. The La Cremeria line of sorbet ice cream offers an array of special, surprising flavors: non-dairy chocolate-vanilla flick, non-dairy chocolate-pistachio, as well as pineapple-lemon and strawberry-mango sorbet.


Premium – The leading brand in this category is Joya. Joya is a quality dairy ice cream, made of natural ingredients only, which introduces a variety of coveted textures and flavors into the home: vanilla with red fruit, vanilla with maple and pecan, vanilla with chocolate chunks, chocolate truffle, choice vanilla, chocolate nut, and choice chocolate.

Children’s products

Nestle Ice Cream’s children’s products are the leading products in the industry. Here at Nestle we want to surprise and exhilarate the children each year anew. We offer a sweet line of surprising products, which will easily make any kid’s day with their exciting external features and scrumptious flavors: Gummigum, Roller, Hamshushim, Sponge Bob, Watermelon sorbet pops, Pirolo Shpritz and more.


All the Nestle Ice Cream products are manufactured under the supervision of Badatz kashrut.
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To Nestle Ice Cream’s Facebook website