The Yokneam Factory

Osem’s Yokneam factory lies at the foot of Mt. Carmel surrounded by verdant pines. Nestled in the heart of a modern industrial zone, Yokneam is synonymous with high-tech at its best in the bakery-product industry. The factory’s locally developed innovative products, as well as its pasta division and Bamba production division, have promoted it to the forefront of Israel’s food industry.


The factory was founded in 1974 in Yokneam’s new industrial zone. Among the high-tech companies and industrial factories, one building stands out: it is well tended, large, and above all – aromatic. This is Osem’s Yokneam factory. The scents of freshly baked goods that come forth from the building permeate all of the surrounding area. You just can’t go by without feeling a sudden urge to sink your teeth into a cookie…

Our Center for Bakery Products

When the company was first founded in 1975 it primarily produced bakery products, but with time its repertoire has grown. When in 1997 the site was expanded to double its size and three new baking lines were introduced, Osem’s Yokneam factory became the company’s center for bakery products  


The factory now produces two lines of products: bakery products such as crackers, biscuits, cookies and pretzels…and cakes. The line of cakes was introduced into the factory when the Ugot Habayit factory relocated from Karmiel to Yokneam.


Quality Assurance

Superior quality is the common thread that spans all of the factory’s manufacturing processes, and the workers manning the production lines are responsible for the quality of their products all the way through. It is they who carry out the quality control tests pursuant to the required instructions and standards, and it is they who raise the alerts when a production problem is detected. This system, known as “self control” makes the workers a part of all the factory’s processes and efforts to improve the quality of our products.



Our quality assurance staff – which includes 10 employees in charge of the production lines and three responsible for the inspection of raw materials – perform random tests throughout the factory to ensure that all necessary operations are properly performed. The quality assurance personnel also perform environmental inspections (air, moisture, water), as well as inspections of the factory’s cleanliness, workers’ compliance with hygiene regulations, workers’ compliance with work instructions, inspections of products throughout their shelf life pursuant to standard 2002 ISO, and follow-up on new products etc.


The factory employs many Yokneam residents and sees itself as an integral part of the local community. Osem Yokneam’s involvement in community life is manifested in its activities in local schools, its support of charity organizations and institutions for the elderly, and the educational projects it implements in collaboration with the local school children. Yokneam’s eighth grade students, for example, meet annually with the department managers to gain an education on matters of industry and production.  


Our personnel are meticulous about the factory’s well-kept appearance, and for the past decade, the factory has consistently been rated five stars for its beautiful upkeep in the context of the Beautiful Israel competition. In 1999, the factory was actually awarded Israel’s beauty flag.