Asamim Gift Parcels Ltd.


Asamim Gift Parcles Ltd. is an Osem subsidiary specializing in professional gift parcel solutions. Asamim combines the strength of the Osem label with the Osem Group’s wide selection of products, the company’s professionalism and operational efficiency, and its original entrepreneurship. This blend of qualities is what transformed Asamim into one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of gift parcels.


In recent years, gift packaging has evolved into a professional, competitive and diverse industry. As the organizational culture continues to develop in many companies develops, the demand for original quality gifts is steadily increasing.


As Israel’s leading food company, Osem entered this field in 2000 with the founding of Asamim Gift Parcles Ltd. The variety of products offered by Osem, Nestle and the subsidiaries, enable the Asamim personnel to create rich, diverse gift parcels to meet their customers’ precise needs – at highly competitive prices. 


The Perfect Gift

Asamim’s gift parcels come with added value. This includes the products’ uncompromising quality, their international reputation, and their ubiquitous popularity. The company’s clients include large organizations, workers’ committees, and various companies and institutions that enjoy the sophisticated gift parcels, custom designed to meet each customer’s individual needs and budget, and to effectively convey the message that the gift is intended to impart. 

Asamim also puts a strong emphasis on the originality and creativity of the gift, offering a variety of packaging options including glassware, stainless steel, wood, pewter, handbags and other unique packaging styles. Apart from food-based gift parcels, Asamim’s gift solutions also include electrical products, household utensils, and cosmetics etc. Asamim’s creativity and innovation has greatly expanded the range of products common in this industry, opening up a world of possibilities to each of its customers.