Osem UK

Osem UK is the leading importer and distributor of kosher foods, and one of the leading marketers

and distributers of special ethnic foods on the British Isles.



The Osem Group began exporting its products to England in the early 1950’s in response to the increasing demand for its wide range of tasty kosher products within the Jewish community. In 1959, the Osem Group initiated a far-seeing and daring move, when it set up Osem (London) Ltd. (which was later changed to Osem UK) as an English subsidiary. Working throughout the British Isles, the English subsidiary began importing and distributing the most popular Osem items at the time, including noodles, soups, and later also snacks and baked goods. Over the years, the company added products from other Israeli and European manufacturers to its product range.

Kashrut for All

While active in the kosher market, Osem UK also managed to find a way into the hearts, and diets, of consumers in the general market. Over the years, Osem UK developed a special relationship with buyers in leading department stores and supermarkets in Britain, including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrison. As a company committed to the highest quality standards, Osem managed to develop and sell products that were excusive to these chain stores, which marketed them under their own label. In addition, the company also specialized in the special-requirements niche markets such as gluten-free products, low-calories products and more.

The Osem-Nestle Alliance

Following Nestlé's acquisition of a major share in the Osem Group, and thanks to Osem UK’s specialization in the ethnic market, the company was granted the right to import and distribute Nestlé’s ethnic products (the Maggie product series) among the Indian, Chinese, Caribbean, and Muslim communities in Britain.

Between 1995 and 2010, Osem UK purchased four small companies, two of which specialized in frozen and chilled goods in the kosher market, and the other two – in the ethnic market. This move reinforced the company’s standing in both the kosher and ethnic markets.

Osem UK employs an extensive professional team to handle marketing, sales, storage and distribution, and this devoted staff works ceaselessly to strengthen the company’s ties with its customers.

Osem UK operates a fleet of trucks and two distribution centers that include dry, chilled and freezer storerooms. One distribution center is located in Essex near London, and the other in Bolton near the city of Manchester in the North of England. Osem UK also employs two large subcontractors to distribute its products to chain stores; one company distributes to Marks&Spencer, and the other is responsible for the other big chains.