The Osem Group is a fine example of observing the laws of Kashrut according to the Halacha                       (Jewish religstamp1ious law). The Kashrut implementation at the facilities of the leading food concern in Israel, led by Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harlap – the corporation’s Rabbi, applies the laws of Kashrut throughout the production procedure of thousands of different items, manufactured in production plants both in Israel and in the rest of the world. The Kashrut supervision set-up ensures that the system functions properly in all areas pertaining to Kashrut throughout the production process. This set-up, which operates in a professional and scrupulous manner, ensures that every Kashrut-observant Jew can enjoy Osem-Nestlé products anywhere in the world without any need for concern.


Osem’s Kashrut System

Osem’s Kashrut implementation is involved in all production processes and activities in the company, whether in Israel or abroad, including development of new products, establishing new factories, purchasing a new production line, as well as standard production procedures.

Osem’s objective is to conform to the Kashrut requirements of all Jews in Israel and abroad, and therefore it stamp2cooperates with most Kashrut bodies and authorities, and receives Kashrut certificates as appropriate.

The team involved in the Kashrut implementation acts in an advisory capacity to all relevant bodies and units on all fundamental aspects of Kashrut, and oversees all aspects of work–from the planning of productions lines to the on-going operation of the factory. Advice is given on the need to separate production systems for dairy products, meat products and Parveh (non-dairy/non-meat) products, storage and marking of raw materials and products, as well as establishing appropriate work procedures that accommodate and conform to the laws of Kashrut. Osem’s Kashrut team takes care of all aspects of Kashrut and members can be found in all Osem facilities, and also of course at the company’s headquarters.

Kashrut as Quality

Members of this team visit the overseas suppliers of both raw materials and of finished products. They check to ensure that the entire production procedure will be acceptable to the Kashrut supervising body with whom Osem will be working. The supervising bodies include the Jewish religious courts of the ultra-orthodox sects in Jerusalem (Badatz), the local Rabbinates in different areas, the Orthodox Union (O.U.) in the United States, the Rabbinstamp3ate in the Israel Defense Forces, and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Osem’s strict observance of the laws of Kashrut has also paid off commercially. Kosher food products are perceived everywhere, and not just by Jews, as being top-quality and particularly healthy products, which is in line with the world trend towards health foods.


Pesach with Osem

In preparation for Pesach (Passover), Osem’s Kashrut teams begin koshering the production lines to make them Kosher for Pesach. Once they have checked that all the required steps have been carried out, the Kashrut team members work according to the different religious approaches. For example, as there are a number of different approaches to Kosher for Pesach food, Osem makes a point of recording a detailed list of all ingredients on the product package. In addition, some products contain legumes and and this will be clearly marked on the packaging, specifying that this product is only suitable for people who eat legumes during Pesach.