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Professional Market


The establishment of Osem Nestle Professional was prompted by Osem’s strategic recognition of the importance of the professional food market, as well as Osem’s desire to provide a comprehensive, professional product line aimed at this market’s unique requirements, which are different those of households. 

The founding of this division was an upshot of the increasingly prevalent worldwide trend to eat away from home. People are now eating more and more meals at work, school or restaurants.

Osem Nestle Professional specializes in solutions for customers in the professional food industry such as catering companies, hotels, event halls, retirement homes, boarding schools, kibbutzim, etc.

This division offers its customers a wide product variety from Israel’s leading companies, providing solutions for all meal courses: Osem, Tivall, Of Tov, Sabra, Milotal and Tapugan. As a company that specializes in the professional market, Osem Professional helped each of these companies to develop dedicated products, which are specially manufactured in accordance with the needs of the professional kitchen.  


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Your Professional Partner

We consider ourselves to be our customers’ professional partner, and do our best to support their ventures and enable them to take their businesses to the next level with the help of Osem Nestle’s professional know-how and experience. To this end, we offer our clients culinary support, the ongoing professional assistance of Nestle Professional’s experienced chefs, informative pamphlets addressing the various aspects of business management, professional conventions and more.


The professional partner strategy is threefold:


Specialized Service

Our activities within the professional food market are wide-ranging and diverse, all revolving around kitchens that specialize in professional cookery and food service.     


Developmentof Dedicated Products for the Professional Market

Osem Nestle Professional offers its customers in the professional food market specially developed products, based on our keen understanding of this market’s distinctive needs.


Added Value

In their relationship with the professional market customers, Osem Nestle Professional's representatives perceive themselves as the customers’ professional partners, who provide them with significant added value.