International Operations

The international operations of Osem Group were initially limited to the kosher market. Over recent years, it has expanded its operations to emerging categories in the nutrition sector, subsequently establishing the International Division.

To date, the principal areas of activity of the Division are:

– Meat substitutes

– Hummus and meze

– Gluten-free

– Kosher

Structure of the Division’s Operations

The Division has five sales units.

2 units in Europe:

  • Tivall Europe – which markets meat substitutes, hummus and meze.
  • Osem UK – which markets kosher products, hummus and meze.

2 units in the United States:

  • Osem USA – which markets kosher products and gluten-free products
  • USA Chilled – which markets meat substitutes, hummus and meze.

And the Private Label Export Unit – which operates globally.

Meat Substitutes Segment

The meat substitutes segment of Osem’s International Division comprises several brands. The leading brand is
Garden Gourmet, which builds on the 30 years of experience of Tivall and the 25 years of experience of the Private Label.

Vision of the brand – creating vegetarian food enjoyment:
Enriching the variety of foods that are available in the field of meat substitutes and creating an enjoyable vegetarian experience.

The Garden Gourmet brand covers three principal segments:

  • Meat substitutes
  • Vegetable-based products
  • Cooking and frying products

The meat substitutes segment operates in several European countries as well as in the United States, under different brand names.

United States – under the Veggie Patch brand name

Scandinavian Peninsula – under the Halsans Kok (“healthy kitchen”) brand name, acquired in 2006. Since its acquisition, Tivall has doubled the sales of the brand, which is currently the leading brand in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The Netherlands - under a joint brand of Tivall and a leading retail chain, Albert Heijn.

Elsewhere in Europe (including Germany, Belgium and Italy) – Tivall products are primarily marketed under the
Garden Gourmet brand name, occasionally through local partners (in Switzerland and Italy).

Hummus and Meze Segment

The operations of the hummus and meze segment in Europe are carried out under the Sabra brand name, which was launched on the basis of Osem‘s extensive experience with Zabar.

Vision of the brand – share the authentic hummus:
Bringing the authentic hummus and salads experience to consumers overseas.

The operations of the brand are carried out in several European countries as well as in the United States.

Europe - in the Netherlands and the UK, under the Sabra brand name.
United States – under the Tribe brand name.

Gluten-Free Segment

In the gluten-free segment, three years ago Osem launched the Gratify brand, based on its many years of experience in producing gluten-free basked goods.

Vision of the brand – providing a gluten-free lifestyle with delicious non-gluten-free taste:
Allowing consumers who lead a gluten-free lifestyle to experience the same delectable taste that is enjoyed by all other consumers.

The brand operates in 2 principal categories:

  • Pretzels
  • Crackers

To date, the brand is active throughout the United States.

Kosher Market

Osem has always viewed the kosher market in the United States as highly significant and constantly seeks to address the needs of the Jewish community in this country. Osem has been operating in the United States since the early 1960s and in 1994 decided to establish the subsidiary, Osem USA.

The operations of the kosher market are concentrated primarily in the United States and the UK.

Export of Kosher Products and Private Label

This division focuses on the export of Osem’s kosher products and on seizing business opportunities in relation to private labels or to Osem’s brands.