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How can I tell which products of Osem are gluten-free?

The labels of all Osem products present information on allergenic components, including gluten.

Can we visit the various factories of Osem?

Osem opens its gates to the public of consumers at the visitor center that was established at the Bamba factory in Holon.
For additional information on the Bamba visitor center click here.

Do the breakfast cereals contain Chalav Yisrael?

The breakfast cereals are imported and therefore all of the products contain/ may contain Chalav Yisrael. This is indicated on the products.

Is our Toastaim (Tasty Toast) baked or fried?‎

Tostaim is baked bread that has been lightly toasted, just as you would at home.
The product is not fried.

What is the decaffeination process?

Only water is used in the caffeine extraction process for Nescafe products.
The process is similarly conducted for the two decaffeinated products: Necafe Red Mug and Nescafe Taster’s Chioce.

Are all instant coffees cooked?

Coffee is extracted from the coffee beans in hot water at the boiling point, in a process that is similar to cooking.

What is the source of the name Petit Beurre?

The name Petit Beurre originates in France of 1886 (meaning: “small butter”).‎ ‎The name Petit Beurre is in fact a generic name for a butter-flavored biscuit with a characteristic shape specific taste.

Are the new Fitness cookies suitable for vegans?

The new Fitness cookies are vegan-friendly – no eggs, no honey, no milk etc.

What is durum flour?

Durum flour is a type of dark yellow wheat that is hard and high in protein. It is mainly used in pasta.
The origin of the name is the Latin word for “hard”. It is grown in the United States, France and other places…
In principle, white flour is produced from wheat that has been stripped of its outer skin.
Whole wheat is the product of the grinding of whole grains of wheat.
When grinding durum, the outer skin is removed, therefore the resulting flour is similar to white flour.

Why is the product called – soup almonds?

In the past, women in Eastern Europe (Ashkenazi Jews) used to prepare the soup almonds at home in an oval shape that resembled an almond.
Also, the Yiddish name for these oval yellow dumplings was “almonds”.

Are the croutons baked/ fried?

The croutons are made with a specialized bread that is baked specifically for the croutons. Thereafter they are baked and lightly sauteed.

Are soup almonds fried?‎

The soup almonds are fried in palm oil.

How many cups are in 1 kg of self-raising flour?

1 kg of self-raising flour equals about 7 cups (cup – an ordinary disposable cup)‎.

How many cups are in 350 grams of self-raising flour?

350 grams of self-raising flour equal about 2.5 cups (cup – an ordinary disposable cup)‎.

Does the ketchup contain onions and garlic?

It contains onions, but no garlic.

When was Bamba first produced?‎

Bamba was first produced in 1964 as a cheese flavored snack. Israeli consumers did not take to the cheese flavor so It was decided to replace the cheese coating with peanut butter and Bamba has been flying off the shelves ever since.

Does Bamba contain sugar?‎

‎We do not actively add sugar. The sugar in the product originates in the raw materials of Bamba, such as corn and peanuts.

Vitamins in Bamba

The vitamins are added to the Bamba after the baking stage and therefore their nutritional value is maintained.‎ The vitamin values that appear on the back of the package relate to the values existing at the end of the process.

What is sulfite?‎

A synthetic baking improvement food additive that helps create a lighter dough.

Are the enzymes in the yeast flour of animal source?

The enzymes in the flour are not of animal origin.

What is pasteurization?

A process during which a liquid such as milk is rapidly heated almost to the boiling point and is then rapidly cooled.‎ The purpose of this process is to kill the bacteria in the liquid without damaging its taste or nutritional value.‎ ‎The process prolongs the shelf life of the liquid.‎ The process is named after the scientist Louis Pasteur, who invented it.‎ ‎The classic process of pasteurization is: heating to a temperature of 63 degrees celsius for 30 minutes. Another alternative is heating to a temperature of 72 degrees celsius for half a minute.

Can private consumers purchase products directly from the company?

Osem only markets its products to business customers, including wholesalers that can be contacted directly. Please refer to our customer service center for information on wholesalers in your area.

How can I tell which allergenic components are found in the products of Osem?

Information on allergenic components is displayed on all products. Make sure to check the packages for information.

How can I locate a specific product that I am unable to find?

Please contact our customer service center directly.

I am a business owner and would like to work with Osem. Who do I contact?

Our business customer relations center would be glad to be of assistance. Please contact us at 1700-50-84-84.
The center is at your service on:
Sunday-Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm
Friday from 8 am to 12 noon.

Who do I contact to propose a new product or suggest an improvement to an existing product?

Osem is constantly considering ideas for new products and will continue to do so in the future. You can contact us through the send application page.

Which products of Osem contain whole wheat?

A list of components is displayed on each product. If the product contains whole wheat, it will appear on the list.

Are all products of Osem certified by the Edah (“Badatz”)?

Specific information regarding the kashrut of the product is displayed on all products. It is recommended to follow updates.

Is the pizza and focaccia yeast flour also suitable for baking cakes?

Pizza and focaccia dough is different and is meant to be thin and crispy. Therefore, it is not suitable for cakes. There is a specific yeast flour for yeast cakes.