The Human Resource – The Heart of Our Operations

We invite you to make Osem your home and grow in a nurturing and supportive work environment.
Thousands of employees who joined Osem Group over the years, have discovered a professional home and enjoyed personal development,
promotion opportunities in Israel and overseas, occupational stability and various other benefits – for the employee and his or her family.
If you too would like to become part of an outstanding and special group, you are welcome to join us and grow with the Osem family.

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Job Area
Tanya Alterman, Director of Quality Assurance at the Bonjour factory
My path in Osem (and how I joined Osem): Upon graduation, I wanted to become involved in the Israeli food industry. After several months of working for a small consulting firm, I realized that my right place would be in a market leader that is dedicated to the values of quality, innovation and operating excellence. I resigned from my job and a month later I started working for Osem in Yokneam, in a position that I found in a job search website.
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You are thinking of joining the Osem family. Excellent! We are glad to tell you a bit about our recruitment process and even give you some tips to help you succeed. The desire to keep cultivating the unique interpersonal dynamics in Osem is reflected in the joint efforts of all its people to carry out successful recruiting. Read more

Being part of an international group, you enjoy significant benefits, such as using some of the world’s leading professional tools, participation in global projects, experiencing advanced methodologies and enjoying the availability of international promotion opportunities. Osem-Nestlé can promise you all these and more. Read more

Every employee in Osem Group is given the opportunity and the tools to grow and optimally realize his/her personal and professional potential. The employees of the Group receive qualifications, training and professional guidance. In evidence – our management team consists primarily of employees who took their first professional steps in the Company and climbed up the ladder of ranks and positions. Read more

Osem believes in the importance of promoting occupational diversity and in the contribution of such diversity to the spirit and social atmosphere of the organization. Occupational diversity and the inclusion of people of different cultures in our family of employees are an integral part of the organizational culture of Osem Group. Read more