Corporate Responsibilities

Creating Shared Value

Osem Group operates on the premises that the value that it should create, as a business organization, is shared value. Not just value for the shareholders, … Read more

Employees and the Work Environment

We, at Osem, operate on the belief that the employees are the driving force and the primary interested parties of the Company.‎ ‎The relationship between the employees and the Company is founded on mutual understanding, open communication, transparency and true partnership and we are committed to continue investing in our principal resource, our employees Read more

Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Policies

For Osem Group, its managers and its employees, quality, safety and protection of the environment are a way of life. And by signing a covenant they … Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Over the years, our long-standing organizational culture has deepened Osem’s roots in the community.‎ ‎The commitment to, partnership with and caring for the community in which the Company operates are a natural and direct extension of our policy and an integral part of our activities.
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Code of Business Conduct

Since its establishment, Osem Group has been conducting its business with integrity and fairness and in compliance with the law. The employees of Osem Group share … Read more