Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct

Since its establishment, Osem Group has been conducting its business with integrity and fairness and in compliance with the law. The employees of Osem Group share this commitment and their dedication to the reputation of Osem Group make it one of its most prized assets.

In 2013, we updated the Code of Business Conduct of the Company and its employees, the principles of which supplement the values of the Group: a passion for leadership and success, initiative, excellence, integrity, partnership and Israeli identity.

The Code was further examined and evaluated in 2014.

We find it imperative that every employee in the Group be familiar with the clear codes of appropriate conduct, in order to display steadfast patterns of operation and be an integral part of the global network of Nestle-Osem Group. This Code serves as a live and relevant document in the ongoing activities of all employees in the Group, the effectiveness of which is supported by a comprehensive training program that involves all employees and managers in the Company.

All guidelines and references in the document are equally addressed to employees and managers.

The legal counsel of Osem Group, Adv. Alberto Pesach, is the appointed Enforcement Officer for purposes of the Code of Business Conduct.
The document is signed by the CEO of Osem Group.

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