Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Over the years, our long-standing organizational culture has deepened Osem’s roots in the community.‎ ‎The commitment to, partnership with and caring for the community in which the Company operates are a natural and direct extension of our policy and an integral part of our activities.

We contribute to Israeli society through various channels, starting in the employment of individuals from all parts of Israeli society, focusing on periphery areas when locating sites of the Company, encouraging volunteerism among out employees, maintaining long-term partnerships with social projects, providing them financial support and more.

Our choice of food as our primary area of contribution to the community is compatible

with the core of our business operations – promoting nutrition security in Israel.

We believe that in this field we are able to create shared value, optimize

our contribution to the community and lead towards an effective and sustainable change. Therefore

, the Company’s contribution policy concentrates on reducing nutrition

insecurity and substantial resources are dedicated to assisting and supporting soup kitchens,

aid organizations, education and nourishment of underprivileged children and more.

Our primary companion in this area is Latet, an Israeli humanitarian aid organization, that was established in 1996 for the purpose of curtailing poverty and assisting underprivileged populations from all sections of society based on the principle of equality and universal values.

Alongside the cooperation with Latet, employees of the Company participate in a large number of local volunteer projects of the various sites of the Group. As an organization that is intertwined with the community in which it operates and that has chosen to locate most of its sites in periphery areas, we are involved in the communities that are in proximity to the various sites and adapt our volunteer activities to the specific needs of the community as well as to the needs and capabilities of the employees in each of the sites. This reflects our organizational point of view that encourages connection with the community in which we live and the involvement of employees in the community. Our perception is based on the realization that such activities empower the employees alongside the contribution and nurturing of the community in which we operate.

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