Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value

Osem Group operates on the premises that the value that it should create, as a business organization, is shared value. Not just value for the shareholders, but also value for the consumers, the employees and other interested parties. This concept is not an annex to the ongoing business operations, but rather is integral to the strategy of the Group. The realization that the strength of the Company and the well-being of the interested parties are intertwined constantly guides us in our business activities.

At the core of this belief, we are committed to fulfilling all of the obligations that are pertinent to our operations by virtue of legislation, agreements, action plans and codes. Additionally, as a company that has deep roots in the history of the State of Israel and as a subsidiary of Nestle International, we are committed to the highest standards, above and beyond the requirements of the law.

Our policy of creating shared value has been driving the success of the Company and at the same time contributes to the advancement of the economy, the environment and the social conditions of the community.‎ ‎This comprehensive policy prioritizes the inclusion of the employees and vendors of the Company in our efforts to save and avoid waste, based on the belief that 100% involvement by all relevant parties results in 0% damage to the environment.‎ ‎We also pride ourselves on our long-standing organizational culture that over the years has deepened Osem’s roots in the community – the Company’s commitment to, partnership with and caring for the community in which we operate are a natural and direct extension of our policy and an integral part of our activities.

The location of the production sites of Osem Group at the periphery of Israel is motivated by the desire to create jobs and opportunities for social mobility where they are most significantly absent. Osem is the largest employer in the city of Sderot and the large majority of our factories is located in the geographic and economic periphery.

As a significant organization in the Israeli economy, we aim to further enhance our influence by adjusting the chain of supply and applying the principles of corporate social responsibility to vendors and companions, including by ensuring that the rights of the vendor’s employees are maintained.

We constantly keep in mind that we are, first and foremost, a food company whose products are found in every household in Israel. As such, we continually seek to improve the nutritional values of our products, while promoting healthier eating habits and a healthier lifestyle among all parts of the general population.‎ ‎At the same time, we invest heavily in our principal resource, our employees, the driving force of the Company, who are committed to maintaining a relationship that is based on mutual understanding, open communication, transparency and true partnership.

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