Employees and the Work Environment

Employees and the Work Environment

We, at Osem, operate on the belief that the employees are the driving force and the primary interested parties of the Company.‎ ‎The relationship between the employees and the Company is founded on mutual understanding, open communication, transparency and true partnership and we are committed to continue investing in our principal resource, our employees.

We consider the growth of the Company to be pivotal to the creation of additional jobs and the development of new opportunities for the employees of the Company.

Osem encourages the establishment of employee representations and management maintains an open dialog with the various employee representations, in the spirit of the Group and with its well-established familial approach. All permanent employees in Osem are directly employed by the Group (i.e. no permanent employees are contract workers), and in our engagements with specialty service providers (security, catering etc.) we ensure that the rights of their employees are maintained.

Osem is home to a reliable work environment that embraces its employees and cares for their well-being, health and safety, at any time and anywhere, even after they retire. We ensure that the rights of the employees are fully maintained, provide them a net of social benefits and work to prevent discrimination and foster equal opportunity for all.‎ ‎We find it of the essence to preserve the quality of life of our employees within and outside the workplace and to enrich and educate the employees, advance and empower them, allowing each and every one of them to realize his or her potential.

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