Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Policies

Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Policies

For Osem Group, its managers and its employees, quality, safety and protection of the environment are a way of life.

And by signing a covenant they commit to adhere to stringent international regulations that place the Company and its products at the forefront in terms of quality, workplace hygiene and protection of the environment.

We constantly strive to advance and improve our environmental performance, cut back the consumption of all energy sources and reduce waste, realizing that the gain is all ours – lower costs in the long run on the one hand and protection of our cherished treasures of nature and the environment on the other hand.

All employees partake in our ongoing efforts, since we believe that 100% involvement by all relevant parties results in 0% damage to the environment. For this purpose, we hold seminars for the employees on the various ways in which they can contribute to the protection of the environment and to the improvement of safety in the Company’s sites and encourage their daily involvement, both in the workplace and at home.

We are committed to developing, producing and marketing products of outstanding quality that are safe to consume and that comply with local and international regulations, while adhering to the principles of environmental protection and following the ethical codes of the Company.‎ ‎

Personal accountability, winning the consumers’ confidence, aiming for zero injuries, defects, incidents and fatalities and full compliance with the system requirements as well as the requirements of the law are the ultimate goals of each and every individual in the Group.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Covenant, signed by the CEO and the COO of the Group, is available for perusal

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