Materna was established in 1981 as a subsidiary of Ma’abarot Products Ltd., which is owned by Kibbutz Ma’abarot.
In 1993, Ma’abarot Products became a public company after the carrying out a public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
In 2010, the company sold 51% of its shares to Osem-Nestle and is currently named Materna Industries.
The connection with Nestle, a global leader in the field of infant nutrition, allows Materna to expand its foothold in the market, offering a variety of advanced products that are based on the extensive knowhow and experience of Nestle.

Products of the Company
Since its establishment, Materna has been at the front line of infant nutrition in Israel, offering the broadest range of products in the category, including: breast-milk substitutes, Mehadrin kosher breast-milk substitutes, porridges, baby biscuits, baby pasta, enriched flavored milk drinks for children of ages 2 and upwards and more.
The company is located in the Hefer Valley and offers jobs in the fields of development, production and packaging, marketing, medical representation and customer services.

Quality and Control
Materna, Israel’s leading producer of baby food, produces in Israel, under the direct and constant supervision of a team of scientists for whom the good health of the babies is the top priority. Materna’s baby food formulas undergo regular audits of the quality system and of the system for the prevention of health risks to the babies (HACCP).
The production, packaging, laboratory and quality control systems are certified under international GMP standards that are specific to baby food formulas.
Materna’s baby food formulas comply with the requirements of the international standards and the Ministry of Health pertaining to baby food.

Materna operates out of advanced technological laboratories and employs a skilled team of scientists, food engineers, chemical biologists and dietitians, who work in cooperation with additional development centers in Israel and overseas, to ensure that consumers receive the most innovative and advanced products in the field of infant nutrition.

Production and Packaging
The production and packaging network has accumulated substantial knowhow based on more than 30 years of experience. The professionals who accompany all of the production and strict quality assurance processes of the expert laboratory ensure the highest standard of products.
The factory is certified under ISO 9001 and GMP and is on par with other leading factories around the world.

Medical Representation
As the leading company in Israel, Materna has accumulated expertise in the field of infant nutrition based on many years of research and the nourishment of more than 2,000,000 babies in Israel.
Materna supplies information to the medical staff on various issues pertaining to infant nutrition, presents scientific studies originating in Israel and worldwide and provides updates on its products, all the while emphasizing the advantages of breastfeeding as the optimal infant nutrition.
This relationship allows the medical staff to keep abreast of current information in addressing the needs and questions of parents who are seeking to offer optimal nourishment to their baby.

Materna exports a variety of breast-milk substitutes with special kosher certificates to many countries, such as the UK, Belgium and France.

Nutrition Consulting Center
Materna believes that its mission is to be of service to its customers not only with its advanced products, but also by providing professional consulting and personal guidance. At the Nutrition Consulting Center, a team of consultants specializing in various fields is available to the customers. The consultants of the Center address inquiries regarding nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition of the breastfeeding mother and infant nutrition.