Nestle Ice Creams

Nestle Ice Creams

A success that makes everyone happy – the joyous story of Nestle Ice Creams begins in 1996. Nestle and Osem acquire 50% in Snowcrest and Tene Noga, which at the time were owned by Tnuva, issuing the green light for the beginning of a new era in the Israeli ice cream sector. Initially, the frozen magic is still distributed out of the long-standing factories – Snowcret in Petach Tikva and Tene Noga in Kiryat Malachi. Three years later, a new factory is established in Kiryat Malachi, consolidating the activities of the two former factories.‎ ‎Today, Osem is the proud full owner of Nestle Ice Creams, with the brands La Cremeria, Joya, Extreme and Cookilida as the cherry on top.‎ ‎The Israeli ice cream and ice cream popsicles market is dynamic, innovative and highly competitive. Therefore, we at Nestle Ice Creams constantly explore this realm of cool sweetness for more innovations, more flavors and more textures, all in keeping with the Nestle’s international high standard of quality.
For us, at Nestle, our ice creams are intended, first and foremost, to provide joy and true happiness to Israeli consumers. For this purpose, we develop local flavors that are suitable for the Israeli consumer alongside international brands that are produced by Nestle’s factories worldwide, such as KitKat, Smarties and Crunch.

Our Ice Creams

Let us put our ice box in order: Nestle Ice Creams’ products are divided into two categories: ice creams for home consumption and ice creams for consumption outside the home.

Ice Creams for Home Consumption

  • Family-size ice cream – The crown jewel of Nestle Ice Creams, with an exquisitely luscious brand that puts a smile on a multitude of faces in Israel every day – La Cremeria. The classic La Cremeria series is available in a large variety of flavors.
  • ‎Selection boxes – A particularly sweet and broad range of exciting and jolly flavors of many popular brands and the Light Series of Nestle Ice Creams that have a low caloric value per unit and are also suitable for diabetic consumers.
  • ‎Premium ice cream – The uncontested queen of the category of premium ice cream is Joya, an exquisite rich ice cream that brings home an abundance of enticing textures and flavors: vanilla with red berries, vanilla with maple and pecans, vanilla ice cream studded with chocolate chunks, chocolate truffle, exquisite vanilla, chocolate-nuts, exquisite chocolate and more.

Ice Cream for Consumption Outside the Home

  • Children products – These are leaders in their category and are designed to generate anticipation and excitement every year. This category is a treasure trove of sweet, delicious and exciting products that are bound to make any kid happy with their wonderful shapes and flavors: Gumigum, Roller, Chamshushim, Spongebob, Watermelon, Smarties ice cream popsicle as well as ice cream popsicles that are accompanied by delightful and exciting toy figures.
  • Premium products – For the lovers of rich ice cream and opulent ice cream popsicles, Nestle Ice Creams offers the Joya Stick series in a wide range of flavors, as well as Joya Solo, a luscious ice cream sandwich that is covered in rich and exquisite chocolate milk for an unforgettable experience. To name but a few… The Extreme series of ice cream cones, Prilli – Nestle’s assorted fruit-yogurt ice cream series, Cookilida – the best selling ice cream in Israel and many more rich and tasty products that will cool your summer and fill your heart with joy.

Kosher Certification

The products of Nestle Ice Creams are Badatz certified (except KitKat and Smarties ice cream).