Sabra Salads

Sabra Salads

Salads are Made with Love
Sabra Salads was established in 1982 by the Yanco family, which pioneered the salads category in Israel.
In 1997, Osem-Nestle, through Tivall, acquired 51% of the shares in this company.
In 2000, the acquisition of the full ownership in Sabra was completed and a highly challenging target was set – becoming the leader of the salad sector.

The new management of Sabra Salads adopted the international standards that are applied in the parent company, Osem-Nestle, to all its activities: production processes, quality assurance of products, product development and management. In making the changes, emphasis was placed on maintaining the familial nature of the company as well as its focus on the salads category and its specialty in this field. Management also formulated the vision of the company – giving the consumer the ultimate experience, the real taste of restaurant hummus and authentic salads.

Over the years, Sabra has followed this vision and worked relentlessly to find and develop authentic hummus and salads. Presented below are the milestones that have led Sabra to its current position as leader of the Israeli hummus and salads sector:

Hummus with toppings – In 2000, Sabra launched a new category – “hummus with toppings” (pine nuts, chickpeas, hyssop and more), which up until then had only been served in restaurants.

Hummus King – In 2003, Sabra developed a new series of restaurant-quality hummus – “King of Hummus”. In order to learn the secret of the authentic flavor and the preparation of the perfect hummus, a team of marketing people and technologists traveled across Israel, visiting 35 authentic hummus restaurants. The challenge was creating hummus with the taste and quality of freshly-made hummus, but with a shelf-life of 30 days! In the aftermath of a long process of development, a series of products with superb taste and texture was launched.

Jordanian Nihad – In 2007, Sabra traveled as far as Jordan in search of choice authentic hummus and launched the hummus of Jordanian Nihad, alongside the opening of a hummus restaurant for Jordanian Nihad in Israel. A Sabra team departed for Jordan, visited several hummus restaurants, tasting the signature dish of each restaurant, until reaching the hummus restaurant that serves superbly delectable hummus – the hummus restaurant of Nihad Alhad, which is located in the old-city market of Amman.

Chef Salads – In 2009, Sabra launched a new series of salads – “Chef Salads” – as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign based on collaboration with Chef Raffi Cohen. The salads in these series represent the ultimate combination of traditional recipes, use of exquisite raw materials, such as baladi eggplant, and preparation that is based on grandma’s home methods. The collaboration between Sabra and Raffi Cohen resulted in authentic and exquisite products that brought restaurant-quality hummus to every household in Israel.

Sabra Salads, as a market leader, constantly seeks to be a key player in the expansion of the market and to offer exciting new prospects to consumers.
The growth of Sabra Salads over the years has led to the establishment of a new factory in Kiryat Gat at an investment of NIS 100 million. The factory was designed by technical teams of Sabra Salads, Osem and Nestle and has set a new bar for food factories in Israel. Sabra chose to locate the factory in Kiryat Gat in view of the Government’s request to assist in creating new jobs in the area.

Global Success
The success of Sabra Salads even exceeded the boundaries of Israel and managed to “teach” Europeans to put aside the knife and fork and dip the pita bread straight into the hummus plate. Initially, sales focused primarily on the Jewish market in the UK, but today Sabra Salads are available, under the Sabra brand name, in the leading “Delhaize” retail chain in Belgium, the “Albert Heijn” retail chain in the Netherlands, the “Auchan”, “Carrefour” and “Monoprix” retail chains in France, as well as in the leading UK retail chains, “Tesco”, “Sainsbury” and “Safeway”. Sabra Salads views the focus on export as a long-term strategic move for developing the immense market potential of Sabra products overseas.

The Tasty Secret
The taste of Sabra’s hummus and salads stems from four main components:
• Expertise of more than 30 years in the preparation of hummus and salads, alongside the constant development of technological processes and specialty equipment that allow the production of different hummus and salads, with a taste and texture paralleling those of authentic hummus restaurants.
• Ongoing investment in the development of products
• ‎Close acquaintance with the public of consumers and their preferences, based on an open dialog
• ‎Investment in human capital
All these, combined with the loving preparation by all members of the Sabra Salads family result in superb hummus and salads. Because Sabra is only made with love.