Tivall, established in 1985 by members of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, is currently the global leader in the development, production and marketing of prepared food products of vegetable origin. Tivall offers its consumers a broad range of delicious and nutritious food products of vegetable origin that serve wonderfully in a well-balanced and healthy daily menu and involve a friendly, effortless and straightforward preparation.
The hundreds of products that are marketed in Israel and Europe by Tivall are produced in the Company’s factories in Israel and the Czech Republic in compliance with applicable standards, under stringent control mechanisms and with protection of the environment constantly in mind.

Groundbreaking Technology
The establishment of Tivall in 1985 was the dawn of a global breakthrough. For the first time, consumers could enjoy prepared food products of vegetable origin, with outstanding taste and quality that closely simulate the meat eating experience. Ever since, Tivall has been constantly expanding the variety and offering vegetable and legume-based products with brand-new flavors. Over the years, Tivall has developed hundreds of products and has registered a record number of global food patents.

Tivall was established in 1985 by members of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot.
Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot was founded in April 1949 on a hill overlooking the Acre Valley near the coastal road connecting Acre and Naharia. The founders, all Holocaust survivors, remnants of the rebels of the Warsaw Ghetto, fighters in units of forest partisans, concentration camp prisoners, those who hid under borrowed identities and those who escaped by joining the Red Army. Upon their arrival in Israel, they founded a kibbutz in memory of the Ghetto fighters and of their family members who had perished in the Holocaust. Tivall was founded by the dearly departed Gazi Kaplan, a member of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, who had served as the first CEO of Tivall and as the CEO of Osem until his untimely death in June 2012, and the dearly departed Dr. Micha Shemer, inventor and developer of Tivall’s technology from its inception until his untimely death in May 2007.

Milestones of Success
The dearly departed Gazi Kaplan, a member of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot and the first CEO of Tivall, and the dearly departed Dr. Micha Shemer, a food technologist, developed a new technology that enables the production of tasty and high-quality meat substitutes of vegetable origin. In 1985, they established the Tivall factory, choosing to locate the first development laboratory in the Kibbutz’s shoe repair workshop, which had been converted to serve its new purpose. Kaplan and Shemer were among the pioneers of the global trend aiming to reduce meat consumption.

1985 – The first frozen prepared schnitzel is launched
The people at Tivall conducted a comprehensive market study that examined consumer preferences, finding that the schnitzel is the most popular meat dish in Israel. Accordingly, the first product to leave the gates of the Tivall factory was vegetarian schnitzel, emulating meat in both taste and texture.
In fact, Tivall’s vegetarian schnitzel was the first frozen prepared schnitzel ever to be offered to consumers in Israel.

1993 – The corn schnitzel is launched – the best selling schnitzel in Israel.
The marketing people at Tivall recognized that consumers are looking to increase their daily consumption of vegetables and so the corn schnitzel was developed. The corn schnitzel is the first in the series of vegetable schnitzels, which to this day maintains its position as the highest selling schnitzel in Israel!

1995 – Osem acquires 50% of Tivall
In this year, the food giant, Osem, expressed its confidence in Tivall by acquiring 50% of the company and establishing the Tivall Group within Osem. Over the years, Osem-Nestle increased its holdings in Tivall and currently holds 58% in Tivall, while Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot holds the remaining 42%.

1997 – The series of vegetarian frozen prepared meals is launched
After launching a number of products, Tivall proceeded to launch a series of vegetarian frozen prepared meals that provide a complete protein and complete carbohydrates, contain all essential nutrients as well as essential vitamins and minerals and are straightforward and easy to prepare.

1998 – Global recognition of Tivall’s groundbreaking technology
Tivall developed a unique method for the processing of fibrous vegetable protein (FVP) that facilitates the creation of a revolutionary product, with a fibrous texture that perfectly mimics the taste and texture of real meat and chicken cutlets. The method was registered as a patent and received global recognition as “the greatest breakthrough of the food industry over the past decade”.

2002 – Vegetable bites with cheese are launched.
The launching of the vegetable bites with cheese, a luscious marriage of vegetables and cheese in delicate and exquisite bites that are healthy and easy to prepare, won the Effective Advertising (Effie) Award for 2004.

2004 – The light version of the corn schnitzel is launched.
Recognizing the popularity of the corn schnitzel, Tivall launched a light version – a corn schnitzel that is rich in dietary fibers and contains less than a 100 calories per serving.

2005 – The series of vegetarian “chicken cutlets” is launched.
In response to the growing demand among consumers for light products, Tivall developed a unique technology for producing grilled “chicken cutlets” with a natural taste and appearance and a juicy texture, containing 100 calories per serving and 5% fat that can be enjoyed as a healthy, delicious and filling main course.

2007 – The thin vegetarian schnitzel is launched.
The first representative of the new generation of Tivall products that are based on groundbreaking technology was the thin, oversized schnitzel with a crispy texture that is just right and has the look and taste of homemade schnitzel.

2010 – Tivall’s series of Galilean Cuisine is launched in cooperation with Chef Erez Komarovsky
In recent years, the eating habits of Israeli consumers have undergone transformation They developed a more sophisticated taste and have come to expect the availability of an effortless culinary experience in the comfort of their home. At the same time, consumers seek added value in terms of nutritional level and the highest quality of raw materials. This is accompanied by the longing to become one with nature and the land and enjoy simplicity. Tivall’s Galilean Cuisine series offers the consumers a complete experience that provides all of the above by combining good and simple food with local cuisine and a connection with nature and the land.
The series redefines the category of prepared food, serving the consumer an experience of natural cuisine from the kitchen of Galilean Chef Erez Komarovsky, which is characterized by invigorating scents, original flavors and fresh herbs. For the first time in this category, Tivall offers products containing unique ingredients such as orange and black lentils, edamame beans, sunflower seeds and fresh herbs.

2013 – Tivall takes up baking with a substantial investment in the establishment of a new production line and a new category. Once again, it produces a global innovation – vegetable muffins: a series of personal vegetable pastries. The new series, the first in Tivall’s line of pastries, included four personal muffins comprising a variety of first-rate vegetables: corn muffins, tomato and olive muffins, broccoli muffins and onion and leek muffins.