Yokneam Factory

Yokneam Factory

Among green pine trees, at the foot of Mount Carmel, lies Osem’s Yokneam Factory. As befitting its position at the hub of a high-tech industrial zone, the Yokneam factory introduces high-tech into baking. Innovative products, developed locally, alongside a first-rate pasta department and a pretzel production department, place the factory at the forefront of the Israeli food industry.

The factory, established in 1974 at the new industrial zone of Yokneam, among high-tech companies and industrial plants, stands out in its size and its well-kept facade, but its most discernible attraction is without a doubt the wonderful smells of baking emanating from it, enveloping the entire area and making it impossible to pass it by without craving a cookie or two.

‎ ‎The Company’s Baking Center

Upon its opening in 1975, it produced mainly baked goods. Over the years, its activity was expanded and in 1997 it was doubled in size, holding three baking lines, and became the baking center of the Company.

Four groups of products are produced at the factory:

Baked goods (crackers, biscuits, cookies), Pretzels, pasta and cakes – following the transfer of Ugot Habait (“Homemade Cakes”) factory from Carmiel to Yokneam.

The factory produces some of the most popular products in Israel, such as Osem pretzels, Lachmit cracker, Homemade Cakes, Osem Petit Beurre and many more. The factory also produces numerous products that are sold worldwide with an ever growing demand.

Quality Assurance

Quality intertwines all the production processes in the factory and the employees working on the production lines are responsible for the quality of the product throughout the process. They are the ones who perform the quality tests, based on the applicable guidelines and standards, and issue alerts to the extent that production problems arise. This method, known as “self control” involves the employees in all processes and efforts that are conducted in the factory to improve quality.

The quality assurance team comprises ten employees on the production lines and three employees who test raw materials and perform spot checks in all stations of the factory in order to verify that all requisite actions are properly carried out. Additionally, the quality assurance team examines the cleanliness of the factory, the maintenance of hygiene instructions by employees, perform environmental tests (air, moisture, water), ensure compliance with work directives, test products over their shelf life in accordance with ISO 9002, monitor new products and more.

The factory takes pride in its well-kept and esthetic appearance and in 2014 was awarded five beauty stars – the highest commendation that is awarded as part of the “Beautiful Israel” contest.

The factory employs many of the residents of Yokneam and the surrounding towns, including individuals with special needs, and views itself as an integral part of the local community. Osem’s involvement in community life is reflected in its participation in the National Good Deeds Day, activities in local schools, and assistance to charitable organizations and institutions for the elderly.