The Human Resource – The Heart of Our Operations

We invite you to make Osem your home and grow in a nurturing and supportive work environment.
Thousands of employees who joined Osem Group over the years, have discovered a professional home and enjoyed personal development,
promotion opportunities in Israel and overseas, occupational stability and various other benefits – for the employee and his or her family.
If you too would like to become part of an outstanding and special group, you are welcome to join us and grow with the Osem family.

Since its establishment in 1942, the factories of Osem have provided jobs to local residents.

Since then, the pages of Osem’s history are interwoven with the story of the State of Israel as a whole and the development of the Company and the establishment of its various factories are an integral part of the advancement of development areas across the country, by creating stable jobs and livelihood.

Throughout its existence, the human resource has been and remains pivotal to the activity of the Group. This is reflected in an employee-oriented management and organizational approach. Substantial resources are dedicated to the benefit of employees in the Osem family, their professional and personal advancement and their welfare and to cultivating their close affinity with Osem. Therefore, we place an emphasis on transparent communication within the organization, among employees of various ranks and in various fields. The welfare programs of Osem seek to constantly improve the conditions of the employees and to address specific needs.

As a business leader, Osem has adopted evaluation and promotion methodologies that link productivity, efficiency, initiative and professional performance to rewards and promotion. This ensures that the rewards and opportunities that Osem offers to an employee correspond to the degree of his or her performance and dedication.

Training and organizational development in Osem Group:

Osem’s ability to achieve all of the far-reaching objectives that it sets for itself largely depends on the quality of its employees as well as their development and training. In view of the competitive and dynamic environment in which we operate, it is imperative that we constantly instill new and up-to-date knowledge among all employees. As a company that encourages personal growth and development, we place an emphasis on nurturing and training the future managers of Osem from among its employees.

Come grow with Osem – in Israel and worldwide.