Mechanic for the maintenance department of the Bamba factory in Holon

Published: 17.12.15
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 Mechanic for the maintenance department of the Bamba factory in Holon

Objectives of Position:

Efficient maintenance of manufacturing machinery and infrastructure

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Maintenance of manufacturing and packaging machines and infrastructure based on the plan issued by the Maintenance Manager
  2. Providing efficient and timely solutions to malfunctions on the manufacturing floor.
  3. Initiatives in the pertinent area of machinery.
  4. Constantly studying the machine and its performance.
  5. Responsibility for the opening/ closing of the factory based on the guidelines of the Maintenance Manager.
  6. Providing solutions in the field of controls
  7. Quality responsibilities: responsibility for the quality and safety of the products and the compliance of the maintenance staff with hygiene instructions in performing their work. Commitment to maintaining the factory to the highest standard of food quality and safety.
  8. Environmental quality responsibilities: involvement in the department’s environmental issues.
  9. Duties and powers pertaining to safety:
  • Use of personal protective gear
  • Supervising contractors working on the premises of the factory and ensuring compliance with the factory’s safety instructions
  • Using a locking and tagging system in conformity with applicable procedures
  •  Adherence to the safety procedures of Nestlé (based on annual safety instructions
  •  Performance of safety observations as defined in the targets
  •  Performance of ongoing security as defined in the targets


  • Mechanical technician/ engineer with experience in handling manufacturing machines in the food sector or in a procedural factory.
  • Preference will be given to licensed electricians
  • Experience in automation, hydraulics, machine joints and technical drawing.
  • Employee responsible for own transportation

Additional points:

Shift work, Work hours:

6 AM to 3 PM, 3 PM to 11 PM, 11 PM to 6 AM



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