Being part of an international group, you enjoy significant benefits, such as using some of the world’s leading professional tools, participation in global projects, experiencing advanced methodologies and enjoying the availability of international promotion opportunities. Osem-Nestlé can promise you all these and more.

In the early 1990s, Osem Group entered into a strategic partnership with the world’s leading food concern – Nestle. Nestlé’s partnership in Osem Group was not only a display of confidence in the management and operation abilities of the Company, but also signified the soaring of Osem Group to new horizons – including as regarding the professional advancement of all its employees.

The connection with Nestle represented a remarkable breakthrough. It paved the way for extensive business activities, alongside the expansion of knowhow in various fields – starting in advanced technology, via economics, management and finance and through to marketing. At the same time, it has set new standards of quality and excellence and instituted advanced work patterns that positioned Osem not only at the forefront of the Israeli food industry, but also among the leading global food manufacturers.

Today, Osem-Nestle, on its various factories and sites in Israel and around the world, can offer its employees professional advancement up the ladder of several different companies, mobility between various categories to expand their knowhow and experience and overseas relocation. Suddenly, a thriving career overseas is no longer a distant dream.

Come grow with Osem – in Israel and worldwide.