Promotion Processes and Careers

Our employees are the foundation for the success of Osem Group and as such they should be nurtured, advanced and provided with a work environment that allows them to grow.

Every employee in Osem Group is given the opportunity and the tools to grow and optimally realize his/her personal and professional potential. The employees of the Group receive qualifications, training and professional guidance. In evidence – our management team consists primarily of employees who took their first professional steps in the Company and climbed up the ladder of ranks and positions.

This makes Osem one of the best professional and management school in Israel.

Osem actively seeks the best professionals in the market and is committed to their nurturing, the enrichment of their professional knowledge and the creation of a suitable work environment and dedicates significant resources to their advancement and well-being.

We expect our employees to be curious, involved, broad-minded, caring and full of initiative – only then will they be able to sense the pulse of the Company, foresee opportunities and obstacles and provide solutions to ensure that it continues to thrive.

At the same time, we in Osem nurture a culture of learning, which benefits both the employee, who received the appropriate tools for a more professional and better focused work, and the Company, which sees the fruits of its investment in the efficient and high-quality work that advances the Company and helps it achieve its goals.

We are committed to the development of employees and their professional qualification.

We invest in the professional and personal development of our people and conduct numerous qualification and training programs in a wide range of professional and management fields. These programs are designed for all employees of the organization, yet at the same time are customized to the personal needs and the unique career path of each employee.

Osem is a flexible and open organization that allows its employees to grow in the way that best suits them, with career paths that meet both the professional aspirations of each employee and the needs of the organization.

Come grow with Osem.