Recruitment Process and Tips for Success

You are thinking of joining the Osem family. Excellent! We are glad to tell you a bit about our recruitment process and even give you some tips to help you succeed.

The desire to keep cultivating the unique interpersonal dynamics in Osem is reflected in the joint efforts of all its people to carry out successful recruiting.

All the managers of the Company work in close cooperation with the recruiting department to locate candidates that are suitable both in terms of professional knowledge and their social compatibility and desire to become part of the Group.

There is an opening in the Company. What now?

Osem candidates can be reached through various channels – social media, job websites, academic institutions, recommendation by word of mouth, manpower and placement agencies, referral of a friend, promotion within the Company etc.

The recruitment process starts with the potential candidates submitting their resumes. If potentially suitable candidates are found among the resumes received, the Group’s recruitment department or the HR department of the designated site contacts such candidates by telephone for an initial interview.

Candidates that are found to possess relevant qualifications and experience are summoned to a face to face interview at the recruitment department or at the HR department of the site or with a direct superior. The next stage is additional screening of the candidates based on the job requirements, such as compatibility tests, interviews with professional managers, contacting references etc.

Those candidates that at the end of the process are found to meet the job requirements and are believed to be optimally suitable for the Company will join the Company and they, too, will be given the opportunity to grow in the Osem Group family.

Some helpful tips for a successful interview:

  • Make sure to verify all details – the place of the interview, the time, the identity of the interviewer and the expected duration of the interview.
  • You should refer to a navigation application for the estimated duration of the trip at such hour of the day and plan your travel accordingly.
  • If you expect to be late or cannot make the appointment, it is important that you notify the Company in advance and even provide an explanation.
  • You should read some background material on the organization.
  • There is only one chance to make a good first impression: you should come in fresh and alert.
  • You should arrive before the time that was scheduled for the interview – so that you can take in the place and its unique atmosphere, take a deep breath and go in relaxed.
  • You should prepare beforehand examples that best reflect your abilities and strengths as an employee.
  • During the interview, take time to properly think over your answers. This is accepted and will afford you an opportunity to phrase your answers clearly and eloquently.
  • You should practice at home – think of questions that may be raised during the interview and plan your responses.

Osem Group offers a large variety of jobs that are suitable for high-quality professionals, particularly for those who have a long-term vision and far reaching aspirations – whether globally or locally.

If you wish to be part of an accomplished group that stands out in the local landscape, you belong with us. Good luck!

If you do not find a suitable position, we would be glad to receive your resume for future openings in the Company‏