Osem-Nestle Professional

The Out-of-Home (OOH) market changes constantly, as does consumer behavior. All over the world, as well as in Israel, the annual expenditure for OOH consumption of food and beverages has been rising annually.

Nestle has adapted to this trend and, recognizing the strategic importance and buildup of the OOH market, established a subsidiary that specializes in this market. This subsidiary operates in 95 countries worldwide and employs more than 10,000 culinary and beverage professionals. Osem-Nestle Professional is the professional extension of the Company in Israel.

Osem-Nestle Professional combines global thinking with an understanding of the local needs of the Israeli market. Our knowhow, experience and expertise rely on international research resources. As a member of the world’s largest food and beverage corporation, we can offer your business specific solutions to address the challenges that you encounter on the road to managing a successful business.

Making More Possible With Our Customers‏ – This is our strategy!

The concept underlying this strategy is our desire to create, together with our customers, a wide range of solutions in the field of food and beverages in order to achieve the perfect experience for your customers.

We invite you to visit our specialized website, www.osemnp.co.il (Hebrew version), to view our extensive range of solutions in the fields of beverages, culinary art, pastries, pizza and many more…, to discover our joint projects with our customers and to enjoy a collection of professional articles, on-line access to professionals who will gladly be of service and more…

We, at Osem-Nestle Professional, pursue excellence and aim to achieve the best for our customers. We believe in the potential of our comprehensive solutions to create added value for your business and to substantially contribute to the growth of the OOH market in Israel.