Website Privacy Notice

Thank you for visiting our website (“Website”). Please read this Privacy Notice before using the Website or submitting any personal data to Osem (such as name, email address etc.), through this Website.
In this Website, the terms “We”, “Our”, “Osem”, and “The Osem Group” refer to Osem Investments Ltd. and any corporation associated with it, as evident in the context.
This Privacy Notice sets out some of the processes implemented in collecting data from this Website and in connection with it, and how this data is used.
If you have any requests or any queries concerning your personal data (as received by Osem – if it has been received – while using this Website), please contact Osem by completing and sending the required details in the Contact Us page on this Website, or by calling Osem’s customer service center on 1-700-70-76-76 during office hours.

Data Collection and Possible Use

We collect two types of information about Website users:
a) Active information (such as names, mail addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) submitted by visitors/users (“user”) of the Website for various purposes including contacting Osem’s customer service center, contacting Osem’s human resources department, receiving a catalog of the Osem concern’s products, etc., and b) Passive data (such as browser type, IP address, etc).
Details that you actively submit while using the Website will be used solely for the purposes explicitly stated in the specific location in which they are submitted. Please note that you have no obligation to actively submit personal data to us.
We will not use users’ data for sending advertisements or direct marketing unless you have given us your express permission for such use.
We will use site users’ data only for business purposes within the Osem Group and the global Nestle group (which Osem is part of), including our affiliates, subsidiaries and sister companies, and/or their business partners and/or their service providers. In this context it should be notes that a) It is possible that such collected users’ data will be transferred outside of Israel, subject to the provisions of the law (including the Privacy Protection Law 1981 and subsequent regulations); b) We may be required by law to submit such collected users’ data (all or in part) to state authorities or third parties; c) Collected users’ data may be used by Osem in legal procedures at its own discretion and subject to the provisions of the law; d) In the event of an acquisition of all or part of Osem by another company, or in the event that Osem were to dispose of all or a part of the Osem business to any third party, such collected users’ data may be transferred to this third party.


The server that hosts the Website may be located outside of Israel. In any case we will collect, process and use personal data only in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
Deletion, Correction and Accessing Data
Deletion or correction of data that was actively submitted by this Website users, and accessing users’ information stored on an Osem’s site (subject to the provisions of the law), can be done in a number of ways, including submitting the required details from the Website’s “Contact Us” page, by calling Osem’s customer service center on 1-700-70-76-76 during office hours, or by sending a written notice to Osem culinary division (at The Osem campus, 2 Haman St, Industrial Zone Chevel Modi’in).

Data Security

Collected site users’ data are kept, inter alia, according to the Protection of Privacy Law 1981 and subsequent regulations. It is made clear that collected users’ data may be presented and/or transferred to other Osem group’s corporations or the Nestle group, their business partners and their service providers.

Third Party Websites

This Website contains links to third parties websites that are not under our control or responsibility, and are not covered by this Privacy Notice. If you choose to surf to other websites through links in this Website, please remember that the operators of the other websites are not bound by the provisions of this Privacy Notice.


We do not practice spamming. Advertising to Website users shall be carried out solely in accordance with the provisions of the law, (including the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasts), 1982).


We believe that it is highly important to protect the privacy of your children online. Therefore we recommend parents or guardians to spend time online with the children while using the internet, and to participate and monitor their online activities.

Special Note to Children Under the Age of 18

If you are under the age of 18, you must a) Bring it to our attention, and b) Submit to us an approval of your parents or guardians prior to submitting your personal details. If you are uncertain about anything written in this section or the entire Terms of Use, you should consult your parent or guardian for help.

Privacy Notice Updates

We reserve the right to make any changes and amendments to this Privacy Notice from time to time. It is the responsibility of visitors to this Website to refer to this page prior to using this Website, and review any amendments that were made (if they were made) since their last visit to this Website.


By browsing this Website, as well as actively submitting your personal data to this Website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Privacy Notice.

Governing Law

This Privacy Notice is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Israel. The competent courts of Tel-Aviv Jaffa shall have the sole jurisdiction over any dispute arising from this Privacy Notice