Golden Perurit (breadcrumbs)

Golden Perurit (breadcrumbs)

Perurit is a long-time favorite brand that is found in every kitchen in Israel.

Osem’s Perurit is made with specially baked crumbs that are ground immediately after baking, giving the product its unique crispiness.

Perurit contains all natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial food coloring.

The products in the Perurit series are excellent for schnitzel crusts as well as for many other uses: coating and filling patties, coating fish, meat, savory pies, chicken parts, vegetables such as mushrooms, eggplant, cauliflower and more.

The series includes: Golden Perurit, Seasoned Perurit, White Perurit, Sesame Perurit, Fine Perurit and Whole Wheat Perurit.

Golden Perurit is available in in 350‏ gram and ‏200‏ gram packages.