Tanya Alterman

No. of years with Osem: 2 years

Previous positions: Food Safety Engineer at Osem’s Yokneam factory

My path in Osem: (and how I joined Osem): Upon graduation, I wanted to become involved in the Israeli food industry. After several months of working for a small consulting firm, I realized that my right place would be in a market leader that is dedicated to the values of quality, innovation and operating excellence. I resigned from my job and a month later I started working for Osem in Yokneam, in a position that I found in a job search website.

Experiences from the recruitment process: The recruitment process was intensive, but relatively short. Within the framework of one month I was interviewed by 3 different functions, provided references, was tested at an evaluation center, underwent reliability tests and completed the final closing of terms of employment. The entire recruitment process was very exciting – with each stage, I became more and more enthusiastic about working for Osem. When they told me I got the job I was thrilled.

A few words about my job: quality management is highly challenging and requires collaboration with all of the departments across the factory – technology, marketing, engineering and maintenance, logistics, manufacturing and more. The quality assurance department is entrusted with the ultimate responsibility of ensuring the safety of the consumers and releasing to the market high-quality products that meet the requirements of the law.

What working in Osem means to me: for me, personally, working in Osem means getting up every morning knowing that I am going to learn new things and tackle new challenges. From a broader perspective – to me, it means taking part in the activity of a company that provides thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly, advances the small- and medium-scale businesses in Israel’s food industry and provides outstanding high-quality and safe products to the Israeli consumer (as well as to consumers in Europe, the United States and…).

What I discovered about Osem: I discovered that Osem, as a group, is an umbrella for numerous and diverse factories, such as Materna, Zabar, Beit Hashita.

Tips for new employees/ candidates: anyone seeking to find a place in Israel’s leading food company, receive abundant knowhow and tools from Nestle to the highest standard available, to work for a company that is dedicated to the development of its employees, to be part of a family that ensures the welfare of its employees and excels as a socially-aware employer that is involved in the community – should join us, at Osem.