Giving Our All

Tivall, founded in 1985 by residents of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, is today the world’s leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing ready-made vegetarian food products. Tivall offers consumers a wide range of tasty, nutritious vegetarian food products for quick and easy preparation, to complement a healthful and balanced daily menu.

Tivall boasts hundreds of products marketed in Israel and Europe, manufactured in the company’s factories in Israel and Czechoslovakia, in compliance with the standards. The company maintains meticulous quality control and is committed to environmental protection.


Our Heritage

Tivall was established in 1985 by members of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot.

Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot was founded in April of 1949 on a hill overlooking the Acco Valley and the road connecting Acco and Nahariya. The founders were all Holocaust survivors; survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, partisan combatants, concentration camp inmates, Jews who survived the war under assumed identities, and others who found refugee in the Red Army during the war years. Upon immigrating to Israel, these survivors founded a kibbutz in memory of the ghetto fighters as well as their families killed in the Holocaust. The Tivall factory was founded by kibbutz member Gazi Kaplan who served as Tivall’s first CEO and as  the CEO of Osem – until his premature demise in June 2012 together with Dr. Michael Shemer, the inventor and developer of Tivall’s technology from the company’s inception until his premature demise in May 2007.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Tivall’s inception in 1985 brought tidings of a world-wide innovation. For the first time ever, consumers could enjoy tasty ready-made vegetarian products of the highest quality, which simulated the meat-eating experience. Ever since, Tivall has worked ceaselessly to expand its variety and offer new vegetarian products on an ongoing basis. Tivall has developed hundreds of products and registered a record-breaking number of world-wide patents in the food industry

Our Milestones of Success

Gazi Kaplan, a member of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot, together with food technologist  Dr. Michael Shemer, developed an innovative technology which enabled the production of tasty, high quality vegetarian meat substitutes. The two established the Tivall factory in 1985, choosing to house the first development lab in the kibbutz’s shoemaking workshop, which was renovated to accommodate the factory. Kaplan and Shemer were among the first to set the now growing trend to reduce meat consumption.

1985 The first ready-made schnitzel is launched

Tivall’s personnel conducted comprehensive consumer research that examined consumer preferences, and found that schnitzel is the Israeli consumer’s favorite meat product. Thus, Tivall’s first product was the vegetarian schnitzel with its meat-like taste and texture.

Tivall’s vegetarian schnitzel was the first ready-made schnitzel marketed to the Israeli consumer.

1993 The corn schnitzel – the schnitzel most frequently sold in Israel – is launched.

Tivall’s marketing personnel have identified consumers’ desire to increase their daily vegetable intake, and the corn schnitzel was developed to meet this need. The corn schnitzel was the first product to emerge in Tivall’s line of vegetable schnitzels, and has retained its status as Israel’s most frequently sold schnitzel.

1995 Osem purchases 50% of Tivall

The Osem food giant proves its belief in Tivall by purchasing 50% of the company and establishing the Tivall group within Osem. Over the years, Osem-Nestle increases its holdings in Tivall, and currently holds 58% of Tivall – with the other 42% held by Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot.

1997Tivall launches its line of ready-made vegetarian convenience foods

Each serving of Tivall’s newly launched ready-made vegetarian food products is a meal in itself. These products are an excellent source for whole protein and complex carbohydrates, and contain all the crucial nutrients, vitamins and minerals, on top of being quick and easy to prepare. This line of products won immediate success.

1998 Tivall’s cutting-edge technology wins world-wide recognition

Tivall develops a unique technique for processing fibrous vegetable protein - FVP , which enables the production of a revolutionary product with a fibrous texture that successfully simulates the taste and texture of real meat and chicken. The technique was registered as a patent and won world-wide recognitions as “the greatest breakthrough in the food industry in the last decade.”

2002 Tivall launches its vegetarian delicacies with cheese trimmings

Tivall launches its vegetarian delicacies with cheese trimmings, a delicious and healthful blend of veggies and cheese. Easy to prepare, light, and top quality, the product comes in a variety of appetizing flavors.

Upon launching this product, Tivall wins the 2004 Effie Award for the most effective marketing communication.

2004 Tivall launches its low-fat corn schnitzel

The corn schnitzel is rich in nutritional fibers, and contains less than 100 calories per serving.

2005 Tivall launches its vegetarian grilled breast

In response to the increasing consumer demand for low fat products, Tivall develops a unique technology for the production of vegetarian grilled breasts with a natural flavor and appearance, and a juicy texture. Containing a mere 100 calories per serving and just 5% fat, this product constitutes a healthy, tasty and filling main dish.

2007 Tivall launches its thin vegetarian schnitzels

Tivalllaunches a new generation of Tivall products using cutting-edge technology. For the first time, consumers can now purchase thin, crispy schnitzels of just the right size, with the appearance and taste of the homemade variety.

2010The Tivall – Galilean Kitchen products line with Chef Erez Komarovsky is launched. Recent years have seen changes in the Israeli consumer’s culinary expectations, which have grown more sophisticated. The Israeli consumer now expects a culinary experience combined with easy and quick preparation, even in the comfort of his own home. At the same time, consumers are now also seeking added nutritional value, and uncompromising quality of ingredients. Moreover, the current trend is a desire to connect and rediscover the simplicity of the earth and nature. The line of Tivall's Galilean Kitchen products offers its consumers a full-fledged culinary experience that satisfies all of these requirements, combining quality simple good food, local cooking, and the association to earth and nature.

This line of Tivall products completely redefines the category of convenience foods, providing the consumer with a nature-inspired culinary experience, originating in the kitchen of Galilean chef Erez Komarovsky, characterized by refreshing scents, original flavors and fresh herbs. For the first time, Tivall offers products consisting of unique ingredients like black and orange lentils, green soybeans, sunflower seeds and fresh herbs.


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