The Bonjour Factory


Founded in 1986, Bonjour is Israel’s leading manufacturer of bakery products. Bonjour introduced the first baguette into the Israeli market in 1990, and the Israeli public has identified Bonjour with the baguette ever since.


Throughout the years, Bonjour’s product range has expanded and it currently manufactures and markets a rich variety of about 200 products including breads, rolls, baguettes, sweet and salty pastries, cakes, cookies and more.


Fresh Pastry

The products are baked and sold fresh at the bakery counters in supermarkets, in bakeries, restaurants, and in hotels, to ensure their superior flavor. Bonjour products have frequently undergone and won taste contests vis a vis competitor products. Bonjour invests millions of NIS a year in the factory’s production lines and in its customers’ baking equipment. The company also uses the best raw materials in a particularly rigorous production process so that its consumers will enjoy hot, fresh and tasty pastries of the highest and consistent quality. This is how Bonjour maintains its status as a leading brand name that stands apart from every other Israeli bakery product manufacturer.  

The Factory in Kiryat Gat

In 2006 Bonjour established a new factory in Kiryat Gat, and in 2007, the company was purchased by the worldwide Osem-Nestle Group. This purchase made by the leading food companies in Israel and worldwide significantly boosted Bonjour’s knowledge-base and technology, propelling Bonjour to the forefront of its industry. Most of the factory workers are local residents, with the vast majority residing in Kiryat Gat. This is in keeping with Osem’s professed commitment to help boost employment in the peripheries.


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