Code of Business Conduct


Since its inception, the Osem Group has conducted its business in an honest and decent law-abiding manner. Our workers share this commitment, and it is to their credit that our reputation is one of our greatest assets.

In 2010, we updated our code of business conduct, made up of the principles that constitute the group’s values: a passion to lead and to prevail, initiative, excellence, integrity, partnership, and an Israeli spirit. All of the instructions and references in the document include both workers and managers.

It is of the utmost importance to us that each of our workers be clearly presented with the codes of proper conduct so as to establish clear work ethics, and ensure our rightful place in the Nestle-Osem Group’s worldwide network.

The Osem Group’s legal consultant, Adv. Alberto Pesach, was appointed to enforce the code of business conduct.

The document is signed by the Osem Group CEO.


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