Beit Hashita Factory


Beit Hashita is Israel’s leading pickling factory. Since its establishment in 1938, the factory has developed increasingly, and the Beit Hashita brand name has become synonymous with quality pickles and product variety.


Employment for Kibbutz Members

Beit Hashita’s pickling factory was among the first industrial initiatives in the Jezreel Valley in general, and within the kibbutz movement in particular.

The kibbutz members decided not to surrender to the seasonal fluctuations in the agriculture industry, and they built a factory to provide themselves with employment during the months in which agriculture is little demanding.

Thus, ten years after the inception of Beit Hashita, kibbutz members began pickling olives and cucumbers in the newly established pickling factory. Over the years, more vegetables were added to the pickling repertoire: assorted vegetables, hot peppers and pickled eggplant and cabbage. At the same time, Beit Hashita began producing an increasing variety of pickled cucumbers and olives.

In 1998, Osem purchased 51% of the factory’s shares and merged Beit Hashita with the Asis Company.

Since 2004, Beit Hashita has been fully owned by Osem.


What our Customers Say

The rate of consumer preference for Beit Hashita products is the highest in the industry.

85% of consumers of pickled goods claim that they intend to buy Beit Hashita products.

The factory at Kibbutz Beit Hashita in the Jezreel Valley – where pickled goods are still lovingly produced – benefits from Osem’s knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and uncompromising quality control. All these ensure that Beit Hashita’s pickled products will continue to rule in the world of pickled goods.


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